My project KQP

Well, i just name it KQP.

I am ashamed of beeing so little helpful with this project. Mainly because of lack of time, other priorities which prevent me (?) from keeping my tools working, etc.. Just to mention, it is some voluntary stuff – but really interesting for me.

It is about the reconstruction of a misterious device, which was burned by some lightning. It’s task is (was) to control the bell tower of Caacupé, i think THE biggest pilgrim destination in Paraguay, and certainly very very important for a big region in Southamerica.

  • At the moment the clocks stand still – 2 of them.
  • the bells are silent, at least there is no music..

There are fixed so far the biggest 2 bells, which have an independent beat control.

However the control, which previously combined the total of about 18 bells (i will check this again) to play some pre-saved melodies … is dead.

I don’t have really plans of the circuits, but made a partial reverse .. With my info i guessed some stuff – and obviously went wrong so far :(( very sorry

My idea was to replace the former “fixed” HARDware of somewhat more SOFTware. using a common cheap PC in place of the former controller unit, invent some software to control its LPT interface and grab some MIDI files to play them with this great musical instrument. And maybe later one could think of “packing” it again into a dedicated HARDware. (well, i know, besides there could be a clockwork fixing…)

I did some intents for a replacement of the former serial line output:

  • PC – LPT – adapted (simulating a fast COM) LPT/RSxxx: too slow for what was required
  • PC – LPT – new uC/RSxxx: works sometimes, but not always (??)

My current lack of success is due to my fault of dedication to this project. Not because it is/will be non-profit, but because of several personal and professional issues don’t allow me to dedicate the necessary time (mainly in fixing, and re-learning my tools.. again) i would require. well, the next steps i see – following this original concept: analyse again, and find out what i did analyse wrong before ? what is the “real” transmission protocol used ? Or do i have to retouch the decoder hardware again ? (or simply build a new one ??)

some details about the latest state of art?

  • interface adaptor LPT – RSxxx using PIC16F84 coded with simple ASM (no C or the like – because of careful timing calculations)
  • PC controler test soft made in C (previous direct LPT version: QBASIC – too slow)
  • btw. the existing decoder is “passive” only: only ttl, optos, Ralais, but nothing of uC or ROM

this is where i am so far 😦

If You have some spare time, maybe we could combine forces to fix this marvellous part.


~ por clickdimension en 12 febrero 2007.


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