Some of my favorite Apps to add in Linux

When i install a fresh GNU/Linux system for me, and i decide to keep it for longer…
I usually check, and if neccesary, add some or all of the following aplications:

My criteria for preference:

  • I NEED it – sometimes at least !!
  • WORKS good for me !! – does all what i want (until now), or does it best at least
  • works with my CURRENT DISTRO (or all, better even)
  • is NOT too COMPLICATED tu use..

Optional criteria:

  • is available also for Windows (portable for pendrive or CD, better even) – points to java solutions as interesting !!
  • is not too big to download – means currently i use KDE, so my preference for QT apps !!

here they come…
– Desktop user stuff:

Addons for Firefox:
All-in-one Sidebar, Image Zoom, Fast Video Download,
FEBE, Header Spy, Live HTTP headers, Show IP, FireFTP,
Web Developer, Firebug, Javascript Debugger, JSView, CSSviewer

less often, but still..
SQLite Manager, Calculator, FirePHP, Page Hacker, Save complete

Addons for
dictionaries es, gn (guaraní)

  • Amsn (or Pidgin / Gaim / Icedove) – sometimes i prefer this (i don’t like Kopete), although lately not so important any more to me..
  • Kchmview (or similar) – to open those practical chm help files
  • Dia – diagram creating tool –
  • Inkscape – Vector graphic tool
  • VLC – it usually comes, but just make sure..
  • FreeMind – it is easy (java) just copy/uncompress and run ;), i know it might not be usefull for EVERYONE, but it has been for me, to prepare some materials for presentations
  • Jreepad – it is easy (java) just copy/uncompress and run 😉 (alternative Notecase has more options, however development has been cancelled a short time ago, and is NOT compatible with Treepad/Jreepad/KeyNote: *.hjt files – maybe i should write a python hjt2ncd converter script – or plugin for notecase ?? give me the specs..) –, # i know there is also TakeNote ( and WikiPad, both made with python, super, but i don’t like their storage mode.
  • Skype – just in case.. (i have an account also there..) – ok, ok, i know it is not open source, but well…
  • Wine of course – there are always some strange apps, to test or unpack at least .. and it helps to test a web page in IE – even without having windows installed 😉

less often, but still..

  • Ekiga (ex-GnomeMeeting, or Trix) – i don’t usually use it, but seems interesting having it..
  • Buddi – simple financial program, it is easy (java) just copy/uncompress and run 😉 – — correction: Jgnash is much more complete than Buddi, also java and simple for execution, and doesn’t seem too complicated either
  • OpenProj – it is easy (java) just copy/uncompress and run 😉 – # I think it is way better than Planner, or GanttProject !!
  • Scribus

# i dont have a standard PIM yet… (Osmor, Zim or similar.. ?)

– Developer stuff:

  • Geany – text editor, almost an IDE – for PHP, HTML, Python, Bash… quick notes.. # ulipad is cool, is Python, but currently looks too simple, sorry
  • Kompozer – NVU updated 😉 – usually it is easy too, just copy/uncompress and run 😉 –, works very good, but is currently a bit outdated, so i am also considering and testing alternatives: CSS-Miami from the K-DEmar people (seems to be some simplified Amaya, but good perspective)
  • KBabel – translation text editor tool (of course, if i used something different than KDE, i would have PoEdit – has windows version too !!) – correction: qt-linguist may be a future alternative, or additional, since it supports some additional formats of language files, and it also has a windows (portable) version.
  • VirtualBox – for testing ISOs or other operating systems…
  • Httrack – to grab some online manuals…

less often, but still..

  • Kdiff3 – compare files (maybe there is some better, but currently i have this)
  • i still need a good hex editor – or visualizer at least !! any proposals ?? (there used to be a good one for gnome, but a “generic” or “QT” optimized one ??) – correction here: i found out tha KDE ships with khexedit. The thing is that it has no entry in the kde menu !!
  • DbDesigner – it used to be great, (even portable for windows) however has not been updated for a long time. Lately doesn’t work, because its dependent libraries are outdated and don’t ship with current Linux any more. – addition here: I will watch the next versions of the mysql-gui tools. Dbdesigner is being ported to this tool, and is about to have a native linux version too.
  • ArgoUml – i am considering as a replacement for DbDesigner, need some more practice…
  • Mdbtools

– SysTools stuff:

  • mc – midnight commander, REALLY cool. (sorry if i seem prehistoric)
  • Krusader !! – MC visual clone for QT
  • Apache, Lighttpd, Hiawatha, PHP, Mysql – web development, You know…
  • i am considering MoinMoin, django as a “portable” option… will keep checking this.

less often, but still..

  • Wireshark – (or similar, as long as it works…)

Just to close here:

Maybe You know all of the apps already, or are using an even better alternative. Or maybe I give you an idea, what might be interesting for you too.

Have fun using free software 🙂


~ por clickdimension en 2 marzo 2009.


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