more Pardus-ALFA testing

pardus2009bbPC clone with Mainboard P5GC-MX/1333:
Intel C2C 3GHz, 2GB RAM, HD 250GB SATA, Grafic Intel on board

When installing i indicated to recycle /sda3 as ext4 Root file system (before there was ext3 with some other Linux Distro, which no one was using 😉 ), use /sda2 as swap, and use /sda5 as ext3 – archive partition.
Everything pretty fine.

On reboot enters Kaptan, the assistent/wizard for basic desktop configuration. I did my selection, keyboard (spanish) choice, time zone, network settings.
Ok, i knew already, i need to take initiative at configuring the network, previous Kaptan versions used to pop up asking some connection parameters at this point. Now it looks more elegant, however, more “hidden” :(.
Entered my configuration settings, using static IP address, save, and back to Kaptan – nothing. No new entry ?? why ??

Ok, i finished Kaptan, it said it aplied it all. So i tested network, from console to my gateway, and Firefox – nothing.
ifconfig showed virgin netcard.
I entered the same values again entering the Configuration tool accessing from Kde Control Center. Accept, save, activate. When i checked by console and Firefox – everything splendid !! It works !!

Sound not very loud, but seems ok when testing some mp3 samples (i think there was a speaker problem).
Monitor resolution also seems perfect. However a slight problem.. some texts which come on gradient color background are almost invisible !! Wallpaper almost black, and these individual backgrounds tending heavily to black made it pretty difficult to read on some buttons, and menu items. Maybe i should have choosen a brighter theme (oxygen seems very dark !!) – although i think there was maybe a monitor issue still. Probably my color depth was to low.

Everything else seemed quite normal to me. I felt no problem besides this.

// **** ———–
Maybe a comment on the network..
Since Pardus is a test version currently, y replaced the installation with a more “standard” one: Mint 7.0, very new, based on Ubuntu 9.04. However, after configuring network, the same way i did in Pardus, i could do ping to my gateway (y), however no way getting a webpage 😦 . I even played around with the MTU setting, which had resolved in some moment a similar problem on another box. However here – no way.
Tested the same later with a liveCD of ZenWalk 6.0.1, just for curiosity. I configured network, also the same parameters, ping to gateway ok, but no way getting a web page !!

Congratulations Pardus !!
Be it because of good hardware detection in Pardus, or because of newer kernel version (Pardus 2009 alfa ships with 2.6.30rc.. while Mint and ZenWalk casually have both 2.6.28.. version) – but Pardus seems to work better 🙂 .

well, i know this is “only” a test version, and some Pardus tools look incomplete or are still missing.
However i hope on the way to the final version the missing parts can be completed, and also the release 2009 of Pardus will be an excelent Distro again..

// **** ———–

A comment to a testrun of a friend of mine in his box (VIA board, 1GB RAM):

When installing he said, he was’nt able to choose the file system for an existing partition he wanted to use for the root system. He deleted the partition, and recreated it to make it work ??
I suppose it must be some user issue (not yali). I could imagine he didn’t know he had to choose the partition BEFORE defining the details ?? Or that to choose the use of the partition as root (/) BEFORE choosing the file system ?? Or can there be an issue because of mounted partitions ?

Then probably something got wrong in his graphical setting.
When rebooting he says, he could log in, and see the KDE banner start, however got a black sreen afterwards, and apparently his system froze, because he could not get into a text terminal.
However he will check in text mode again, to look into the logs. We suppose it might be a problem in the xorg configuration of his VIA chipset.

Besides, he said, he was disappointed or confused, because he could not find his standard text tools: mc and vi (then i told him to try nano, to replace vi at least)


~ por clickdimension en 3 junio 2009.


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