my next netbook – pad – pc ??

Wishlist/Spec for my next pc – or whatever someone might call it…

Human Interfacing:

Screen: something like 11.6″ (wide) not much more, so it can still be handy, not to high (NOT 4:3 screen, should be WIDE) so it should not fall over on its “back”. I think 10.1″ is sort of small, and 12″ (4:3) is already too big.
Keyboard: ehm.. maybe work without “on emergency” – sort of “..PAD”-mode, but have it available virtually in the cover lid – or “beamed” on my desk ?
Webcam – ok, many have this

Power in the body:

CPU-GPU: something reasonable to be able to show some standard movie, and/or have a standard database + webserver up and running (is: apache + mysql)
Battery: give me some 6 – 10 hours of normal usage time please
Weight: not too heavy
Storage: give me plenty of space, i (think i) don’t fuss around with many data, however i “fuss around” testing several operating systems on the same box – so space for some extra partitions would be handy 😉 – something like 250GB – 320GB please ?
RAM: ?? depends on the CPU, if Intel/AMD based – 3GB i think (or 2 at least), if ARM – i don’t know


WLAN – ok, almost all have this
Bluetooth – god to have, but maybe not really necessary right now

Plug ports:

USB: yes some – for a mouse, or anything strange – some adapter maybe
Card-reader: SD-card reader would be very handy – since i like to take photos on occasions..
VGA: mabe NOT – maybe better: DVI (or which is the latest one ?)
LPT/Serial: well, i know. if i want it small – i CANNOT have this – i will have to use some adapter, if i really need it
SATA: why not ? for some external disk/DVD writer
CD/DVD/BlueRay Reader/Writer: ehm.. i think it is not realistic to expect this “inside”. Only external.. SATA or USB maybe

Last not least – what i would like to use it for..

Run some GNU/free system, like GNU/Linux, if possible Pardus/Debian/Slackware (+ Gentoo??)
Run programs used for document/multimedia presentations
Run demos of small web applications (i am in the wake of web-development 😉 )
Run everything else too 😉 !! – what the heck.. no complications please


~ por clickdimension en 13 julio 2010.


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